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Riddleberger performed the HVAC and plumbing scopes of work on this almost four year renovation project at the Rotunda at the University of Virginia. The Rotunda was designed by Thomas Jefferson and is the central focus of one of only four man-made UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the United States.

The nearly 200-year-old building was completely renovated with all activities tailored to maintain the architectural intent of Mr. Jefferson while bringing the building’s systems up to 21st century technologies. A detailed Building Information Model (BIM), managed by Riddleberger, was utilized, with the aid of 3D scanning, to coordinate the MEP trades in the tight utility spaces, and resulted in numerous revisions by the design team to re-route ducts, pipes, or conduits due to the lack of sufficient space.

The Rotunda Rehabilitation project afforded too many unanticipated conditions to count, and provided unique and unusual challenges with a high degree of difficulty at every turn, but was ultimately an extremely rewarding project for all involved.

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