Bluestone Elementary - Exterior 1

Bluestone Elementary School

A three-story, 103,000 square foot elementary school was a new construction project that involved installation of HVAC and plumbing systems with sustainability in mind.

Harrisonburg City – Skyline Middle School & Smithland Elementary School

Construction of a new 220,000 square foot combined elementary/middle school facility.

James Madison University CISAT A3B (Biosciences)

New construction of a 90,000 square foot, LEED designed science and lab building at James Madison University. This state of the art instructional lab facility is the latest addition to the University’s College of Integrated Science and Technology facilities, all of which were Riddleberger projects.

James Madison University Boiler Infrastructure

Riddleberger served as the general contractor to supply steam from the central campus boiler plant to the old North (RMH) boiler plant so that the North plant boilers could be decommissioned.

University of Virginia Bryant Hall Chiller Plant

Installation of a new 1,200 ton chiller, cooling tower and associated primary and secondary pumps at the UVA Central Grounds (Bryant Hall) Chiller Plant. In addition to the performing the mechanical installation, Riddleberger served as the prime contractor for the project.

James Madison University Rose (East Campus) Library

New construction of a 5 story, 99,000 square foot library on the east campus of James Madison University.

James Madison University Recreation Center (UREC)

The UREC expansion includes renovation within the existing building as well as well as modification and expansion of the existing HVAC and plumbing systems.

James Madison University Madison Hall

Renovation of an existing 81,000 square foot building on the campus of James Madison University.