Augusta Health Steam Boiler Plant Replacement


RBI worked on the renovation of Augusta Health’s 6,000 square foot boiler plant. The whole steam system (equipment & piping) in the boiler room needed to be replaced without interrupting the day-to-day operation of the hospital’s steam service. Augusta Health utilizes high pressure and medium pressure steam 24/7 for heat, reheat, domestic hot water, instrument sterilization, laundry, and humidification.

RBI’s installation work included:

  • Replacement air-handling unit serving the boiler room
  • Three (3) new 500 horsepower boilers to provide 100 psi steam to the hospital
  • A new boiler feed system consisting of a new surge tank to capture the condensate returning from the hospital and two (2) pumps with VFD’s to feed a new deaerator (DA) tank
  • A new DA tank with three (3) pumps with VFD’s and modulating valves at each boiler to keep the boilers at the proper water level
  • Three (3) new boilers equipped with stack economizers to add additional heat to the boiler feedwater by capturing energy from the boiler exhaust
  • A new blow-down heat recovery system that heats the makeup water feeding the DA as the boiler is blown down to keep the water chemistry in check
  • A steam supply that includes a new high-pressure steam header combined with a pressure-reducing station all in one to save floor space
  • An air-handling unit
  • A water softener
  • Blow-down coolers
  • A steam silencer
  • An updated controls system

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